Featured Party: Dr. Seuss Themed 1st Birthday

Mommy blogger Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer Blog shares to us this Magical Seussville Party for Xavi's 1st Birthday. Check out all the wonderful Cat in the Hat details of the party that actually looks like you're inside of the well-loved Dr. Seuss story books. As the guests enter the party place, they get to be greeted with this fantastic Cat in the Hat Balloon Wall by Party Magic.The ceiling were covered with blue and red polka dot paper lanterns.The tables all have flying red, blue and polkadot balloons. The centerpiece base used were polka dot tin pails and inverted felt hats handmade by Ant's Pocket. The wonderful stage backdrop indeed caught everyone's attention. Kids took turns to have their photos taken here. Christine's eldest daughter, Berry, and the Cat in the Hat Standee printed by The ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: Disney UP Themed 1st Birthday

This featured party is a Disney UP Themed 1st Birthday of Kiel, son of fellow mommy blogger Angelique Dimayuga of Lique's Antics Blog.Lique is also a WAHM (work-at-home-mom), working as a virtual assistant/designer, graphic designer, writer and blogger. She is also the mompreneur of Honeybaby, an online shop that sells really cute hats, headbands and hair accessories for babies and kids.   The Disney UP theme was the winning pick of Mommy Lique over the Neverland/Pirate theme, which Daddy initially had in mind. They both end up agreeing upon the UP theme, which was indeed a good choice for their little explorer, Kiel.The backdrop and balloon set-up at the Ayala Hillside Estates Clubhouse venue was done by Lique's supplier, Mr. Balloonatix. The team is highly recommendable as they were very prompt, did a great job and also ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: Happy Little Monster 2nd Birthday

This Monsterrific Dessert Table is made by Helene of Mrs. Mommyholic Blog for her son, Sabre's 2nd Birthday Bash. Again, the very creative, supermom strikes again with her Do-it-Yourself party tips and tricks.Let's start with the party printables. You can buy them online and on Etsy, like what Mommy Helene did here. But if you are the artsy type, I agree to her tip, "Making monsters are so easy since you can create them any way you want out of basic shapes and colors."Here's a perfect example of that. Helene just added  monster eyes and mouth by cutting white and black paper (basic circle and triangle shapes), then sticking them on the cake using barbecue sticks. She has turned a store-bought cake to a cute little monster one! Here's another tip from Mommy Helene, "Just add eyes and mouths to anything on your dessert table ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: Father’s Day Donuts Tea Party

A Sweet and Yummy Treat for a Dad on his Birthday and Father's Day! This very thoughtful party idea was all from Daddy Ian's lovely wife, Aileen, who also set this one as her first attempt to a simple and intimate event styling. "I prepared a tea party spread for my hubby, Daddy Ian" in celebration of his 29th birthday and Father's Day. I wanted a male of neutral theme for all guests to enjoy. My delightful and color-coordinated buffet of pasta finger foods and desserts welcomed close friends with such warmth and child-like feeling."There were assorted flavored doughnuts, cream puffs, cookies, cake pops, muffins, meringue, macaroons and other sweets. "A perfect atmosphere for a Dad and a Hubby to feel forever young with such nostalgic treats!"Be Featured! If you have a party or DIY Tutorial that you would like to ... [ Read More ]

Kimmi Junior Kokeshi Dolls Themed Birthday Party

Kimmi Junior Dolls are very adorable Japanese kokeshi dolls collection. They are super cute and charming, exactly what Singapore-based mom Aileen Brigole-Abadilla had in mind for her youngest daughter, Jillianne Christalle’s 1st birthday bash. The Grand Men Seng Hotel gorgeously turned into a Kimmitown fantasy land themed venue.“I wanted to utilize a very unique theme with elements that were never seen before in other kiddie birthday parties. I pictured the party to be something colorful and girlie, just like Jill. At the same time, I wanted a touch of sophistication, which was new yet still kid-appropriate. This is why the Kimmi Junior dolls would be the perfect theme”, said Aileen.Pompoms, lanterns and parasols adorned the gazebo at the entrance. Guest table centerpieces were towering balloon pillars with mylar, pompoms ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: The Little Mermaid Under the Sea Themed Dessert Table

I have already featured two of Cakes by Joanne Charmand's Disney Princess inspired parties, and they are all so gorgeous!This Little Mermaid Under the Sea themed party is indeed very special as well since it is for her niece's second birthday, who loves Ariel and the water.Some of the party details that I love are the ocean-like table backdrop with crepe paper fringe decor, the beautiful Ariel cupcake topper, very creative mermaid-like body cake, and the clam sugar cookies with pearls.As per Joanne, "This set-up was actually at the pool so it was a challenging buffet as we could not use any glass. All the cupcake wrappers I made simply by getting the different shades of glittery paper from lincraft; and the beautiful photo on the ocean backdrop was taken by The White Room Photography"Check out also Joanne's Cinderella and Snow White ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: Snow White Themed Dessert Table

Another charming princess inspired party by Cakes by Joanne Charmand!This Snow White Themed Birthday actually has two creative displays of sweets and treats! Check out the lovely cake table with her oh so pretty cupcakes, sugar cookies and cakes. I also love how she used wood as trays and stands for the outdoor table arrangement of apples, fruits, bread sticks and pie tarts, which complemented very well with the theme.Check out Joanne's Cinderella and The Little Mermaid inspired parties HERE and HEREBe Featured! If you have a party or DIY Tutorial that you would like to share, submit them at kidspartyhub@gmail.com ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: Cinderella Themed Dessert Table

I'm featuring three absolutely stunning Disney Princess inspired parties by Cakes by Joanne Charmand! I am such a big fan of all her work, and you will see why.Let's start of with this dreamy Cinderella Themed Dessert Table. I am so loving the fancy details of the cake, cupcakes and sugar cookies, which she all made. Everything about Joanne's sweets is simply captivating!Don't forget to take a look also at her Snow White Themed Party HERE and The Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party HEREStyling and CakeryCakes by Joanne CharmandPrintables by Keren Precel EventsMacaroons by Loomas ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: Colorful My Little Pony Themed Party

This Colorful My Little Pony Themed Party was gorgeously styled by Angie of Whimsy Farm Twine in Australia. The moment I saw the dessert table, I knew I just have to feature her lovely creation. My daughter also loves My Little Pony, and she will be so thrilled to have something like this as well for her 5th birthday in June. Angie makes twine in so many beautiful colors. She used her rainbow twine to add delightful details to the table sweets. Check out also the stunning my little pony cake, cupcake area and party favorsKnow more about Angie's cotton twine products at the Whimsy Farm Twine WebsiteBe Featured! If you have a party or DIY Tutorial that you would like to share, submit them at kidspartyhub@gmail.com     ... [ Read More ]

Featured Party: DIY Easter Breakfast 2nd Birthday

This Easter Breakfast 2nd Birthday Party was submitted by Martine de Luna-Cosio of Dainty Mom Blog. Her niece and goddaughter's second birthday fell on an Easter day. So, what better way to celebrate it than have a unique Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt party. This celebration at home was even made more beautiful with all the handmade and DIY-inspired party details to look out for.Some of my favorite ideas from the party are the perfectly dyed Easter Eggs, the use of pastel colored washi tapes, and the floral accents all over.The birthday girl's Dad and Mom made these Easter eggs for the kids' egg hunt activity. Aren't they  so lovely?The washi tapes are from Paper Chic Studio. I heard they sell the cheapest washi tapes in town!Add a thematic style to your ordinary paper bowls and cups, wooden utensils and party picks with these ... [ Read More ]