Hello Kitty and the Gang are all here to celebrate Ryley's Sanrio Themed Birthday Party! See My Melody, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars and Badtz Maru in all the party details, including table centrepiece decors and the colourful backdrop. Sanrio Stage Backdrop with Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars and Badtz Maru. Centrepiece with Hello Kitty Plushies and Ryley's Baby Photos Venue: Philam Life Clubhouse Las Pinas Event Styling: Kids Party Hub Candy Buffet: Kids Party Hub ... [ Read More ]

Lalaloopsy Themed Party | Franki’s 7th Birthday

Lalaloopsy Themed Party

This 7th Birthday Party is "Sew Cute and Sew Sweet"! Franki loves Lalaloopsy so much. So, we made sure that these adorable dolls would delight everyone in a garden-like setting filled with details of flowers and butterflies in pastel hues. Pretty lanterns, polkadot balloons, pompoms, flowers and butterflies adorned the ceiling of Stonecrest Clubhouse venue. Since Franki's favorite is Blossom Flowerpot, we included her in these crafted table centerpiece. Making this party even sweeter is this Lalaloopsy Dessert and Candy Buffet Table. ... [ Read More ]

Minecraft Candy Buffet | Gabriel’s 7th Birthday

Aside from  placing decors like Steve, Creeper, grass blocks, balls, mats, TNT's and boxes, one of the most exciting thing when making a Minecraft Candy Buffet for a Party is planning out the list of sweets that will match with the elements and minerals of this popular video game. As much as possible, you want it to be close to the real thing. Here's what we did for Gabriel's Minecraft 7th Birthday Party: Jelly Beans as Rock Candies, Cherry Gumballs as Redstones, Chocolates in Silver Wrappers as Ores, Marshmallow Watermelons Potion of Healing Apple Juice and Creeper Juice Orange Drink Huge Chocolate Chip Minecraft Cookies, Chocolates Nuggets and Coins as Gold, Chocolate Balls as Coals, Gummi Fish, Chocolate Wafer Sticks and Chocolate Grass Blocks. ... [ Read More ]

Sesame Street Themed Party | Yquez 1st Birthday

"Can You Tell Me How to Get... How to Get to Yquez Street?" This adorable Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party gives us so many reasons to smile and remember our childhood.  It is such a cute party theme perfect for 1st to toddler years. The first thing you will notice are Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and the rest of the gang on the backdrop stage  greeting everyone with huge smiles. The Sesame Street character pompoms are my fave party detail here, which we mixed with colorful balloons at the ceiling to make the place more playful and fun. Of course, a party will not be complete without a dessert table highlighted with more pompoms, polkadot garlands, buntings and Yquez Street sign with Elmo. ... [ Read More ]

Disney Frozen Themed Party | Lucia’s 1st Birthday

Disney Frozen Party Theme

We've done so many Disney Frozen themed parties, but this time for Lucia's 1st Birthday celebration, we combined the backdrop and dessert candy buffet station in one. One of the highlights of this gorgeous set-up are the 3D letter standees of the birthday girl's name decorated with snowflakes, icicles and snowballs. Several paper sunbursts were converted to snowflake-like ornaments for the curtain backdrop including some hanging pompoms and crystal icicles. I love that that Lucia's Mom is also hands on when it comes to planning and decorating her kids' parties. Aside from the big mylar balloons that we placed at both ends of the backdrop, she also made these adorable Frozen crowns, reindeer antlers, and Elsa and Anna dress loot bags.  She even decorated this cute Olaf party favors table. Way to go Mom! ... [ Read More ]

Nautical Teddy Bear Themed Party | Miyo’s 1st Birthday

Nautical Teddy Bear Themed Birthday Party

Come Aboard and Sail with Us! Miyo celebrates his 1st Birthday with cute and adorable Sailor Teddies! Sailboats, anchor, paddles, boat wheel, lighthouse and lifesavers are just a few of the nautical themed details that you will surely adore at this party held in Greenmeadows Clubhouse, Pasig. We styled the dessert and candy buffet table to look like a real sailboat as well with catch of the day sweets like gummi candy fishes and chocolate covered fish cookies. On each table sits a hug-able sailor teddy as a centerpiece decor, which the kids can take home after the party. ... [ Read More ]