Minecraft Candy Buffet | Gabriel’s 7th Birthday

Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

Aside from ┬áplacing decors like Steve, Creeper, grass blocks, balls, mats, TNT’s and boxes, one of the most exciting thing when making a Minecraft Candy Buffet for a Party is planning out the list of sweets that will match with the elements and minerals of this popular video game. As much as possible, you want it to be close to the real thing. Here’s what we did for Gabriel’s Minecraft 7th Birthday Party:

Minecraft Dessert and Candy BuffetJelly Beans as Rock Candies, Cherry Gumballs as Redstones, Chocolates in Silver Wrappers as Ores, Marshmallow Watermelons

Minecraft Theme Party IdeasPotion of Healing Apple Juice and Creeper Juice Orange Drink

Minecraft Themed PartyHuge Chocolate Chip Minecraft Cookies, Chocolates Nuggets and Coins as Gold, Chocolate Balls as Coals, Gummi Fish, Chocolate Wafer Sticks and Chocolate Grass Blocks.

Minecraft Theme Party Decoration Ideas

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