All Day Under the Sun at the Shadow Playground

My kids and I were so grateful to be part of the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground Launch Event at Market Market, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Together with fellow bloggers and mommy friends, we witnessed and experienced the first-of-its kind Shadow Playground in the world built by Johnson’s Baby to encourage children to play outdoors and discover the world around them through the wonders of shadows.

Johnson's Baby Shadow Playground


Johnsons Baby Active Fresh Launch

I strongly believe in the importance of outdoor play as a healthy, essential part of childhood. It truly saddens me to see lots of kids not involving in active play anymore, and realizing as well that it is us, parents, our decision, to rather confine them at home, to let them study and do homework, and engage in technology. But there is more to play than just fun and games. That is why Johnson & Johnson’s advocacy campaign “Di lang Laro and Laro” aims to make us aware that play, whether indoor or outdoor, is significant in a child’s growth and development. As they launched this new innovative concept, particularly for outdoor play that is perfect for Summer, my hopes are all high that this would give reasons for us moms to bring back our kids more often outdoors, and let them freely explore and learn what the outside world can offer.

But before we went on to that fun and exciting part of the event, we all converge first at the Old Spaghetti House for lunch and a small, yet very important talk of Johnson’s Baby reminding us about the important role of play to our kids. The event was hosted by Luisito Pascua, or popularly known as “Kuya Bodjie” from the hit children’s TV show in the 80s, “Batibot”.

I know my kids can’t relate to my excitement when I saw Kuya Bodjie, here at the event, for the first time. I grew up watching Batibot shows and an avid fan of the cast and the entire characters. So having Kuya Bodjie at the event brings back memories of my childhood. More importantly, we all learned from his words once again that allowing our kids to freely play, especially outdoors provides them a large opportunity to develop their imagination, creativity through discovering and making sense of the world around them. Giving them at least 60 minutes, or 1 hour of outdoor play each day has many positive effects on children’s health, growth and holistic development.

Johnsons Baby Active Fresh Event

Kris Llanes, Senior Brand Manager of Johnson’s Baby, also imparted to us that we have a very important role as a mom in playing with our kids regularly to foster the spirit of closeness, connection, and trust. Values and skills are further strengthened when we play an active role in our kids’ playtime.

Johnsons Baby Active Fresh

Another special guest during the event was Camille Prats and her son Nathan who shared with us as well her childhood memories and experiences. I also can relate to Camille’s story of growing up with close family members and having the luxury of playing outdoors without her parents worrying about them. But when you become a mom, especially nowadays, you tend to be concerned about so many things like the environment, which may not be as safe as before when we were kids, and of course the effects of heat, sweat, and odor when we allow our kids to play outside. It’s a good thing that Johnson’s Baby actually came up with an innovative product and play solution that can answer our apprehensions on these.

Johnsons Baby Active Fresh Products

The Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Powder and Bath has a technology that not only absorbs sweat but also releases a pleasant long lasting fragrance upon contact with it. Moms no longer need to worry about their kids sweating all day and malodour kicking in. Kids will smell and feel fresh even after playing all day under the sun! “Kaya habang mas pinapawisan, mas bumabango!”

Take a look at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh TVC :

Now that Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh is here to protect and keep our kids fresh under the sun, we are now ready to witness the unveiling of the first-ever Shadow Playground and play all day under the sun!


Johnsons Baby Event

All moms and kids headed to the open playground of Market Market.  Kids waited patiently and watched the ribbon cutting ceremony that officially opened the playground to all. There was a very energetic dance number while playing Johnson’s rendition of the classic APO Hiking Society song, “Bawat Bata.” The kids loved the performance, especially the confetti blast at the last part.


Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh ladies were there to freshen up our little ones first with baby powder before they went in and play. They actually enjoyed having someone, on stand-by, rub their backs with baby powder anytime they need one. Just like how my mom used to cover me up with powder before I play outside.

The kids excitedly ran inside to see the different games cast by the sun. My 5 year old, Celine, was so amazed at the games on the ground that actually makes use of the sun to cast shadows. She wonders if there would be different sets of games every day or if we can make one also, at home.


The different shadow games help teach children skills for their development. In order for every one of us to be able to try, the mommies and kids were grouped together and assigned in one of the following game stations:

Maze” teaches children strategy. Mom will stand at the center of the maze and her child will need to find his way to mom by avoiding the blocked paths. The first child to reach and hug mom wins!

Shadow Playground at BGC

The Playground consists of 9 plates, which are 6 feet in diameter.
The shadow will approximately measure 6-8 feet, depending on the time of day.

Flamingo” teaches children balance. Mom and child will need to balance only one foot and hold on to each other for support. The pair that balances the longest will win.

Froggy Jump” teaches children concentration. Mom will jump on odd-numbered leaves while child jumps on even-numbered leaves. The pair who jumps without stepping out of the leaves and finishes with the fastest time wins!

First Shadow Playground

Snakes and Ladders” teaches children teamwork. The child will stand on the “start box” while keeping his eyes closed. He will need to follow mom’s voice as she instructs him to jump long or short. They will need to aim for the ladders and not the snakes! First pair to reach the end wins!

Piko”  teaches children coordination. Mom and child will use a stone or coin as a marker. They will throw this to land on the squares, without touching the lines. Then, they will hop on one foot through the single square and land on both feet on double squares – fastest pair to finish wins!

The kids and I were assigned at the “piko” shadow game. Celine had so much fun trying to jump around in one foot. The size of the squares was perfect for her little foot, so she easily finished the game. I’m happy that she was able to experience one of my favorite outdoor games when I was her age as well.

The making of this first-of-its-kind play platform took a lot of planning and preparation. The Johnson’s Baby Team considered first, the Site Location. The South is the most ideal location in relation to Sun Pathing as the following explains:

  • South West in the morning – The shadows fall in a westerly direction and are quite long
  • South at Solar Noon – The shadows will be close beneath the object and are short
  • South East in the afternoon – The shadows fall in an easterly direction and are longer again

After careful consideration on the path of the sun, the Team has been deemed that Market! Market! is the best location in the South where the playground can be built. It is also a frequented venue for families to go to for playtime. An on-site simulation of the Sun Path was also undertaken resulting to determining the best positions of the playground structures.

Another thing that were thoroughly looked upon were the Schematic Designs and Design Development. All plans were checked by Johnson & Johnson’s safety engineer to ensure utmost safely of the kids while playing.

  • Floor plans, elevations, sections, Quick 3D views and model scaling, and wind calculations were done, alongside the services of an Architect and Structural Engineer, to ascertain the structural stability and safety of the playground, as well as ensure compliance to the National Structural Code of the Philippines.
  • Nine Acrylic Discs on Poles were designed to maximize the use of the 100 square meter space for shadows
  • Playground Safety Guidelines were followed through the following: Surface Foam Mat, Pole Padding, Sloping ends of the flooring, Inclusion of a House Rules Signage and Game Mechanics Boards.

The Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Playground is located at the Market! Market! Playzone, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The playground is designed for kids 3-7 years old. It is open to the public within mall hours until end of April 2014 only.

So, all Moms out there, bring your kids this Summer to the first-ever Shadow Playground of Johnson’s Baby and let them experience a unique kind of outdoor play!

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