Johnson’s Baby Signature of Love Music Video

A couple of weeks back, I shared to you my own little ways of expressing my affection and care to my kids. I also took a video, which you can view HERE of some of our regular bonding moments like playtime, study time and baking. These special ways of spending quality time, teaching the kids or surprising them when they least expect are my “Signatures of Love”, our journey of growing together.

All moms have their own unique rituals of showing their love, and there are countless ways on how we can actually express and show them. Johnsons Baby is excited to show you a compilation of “Signatures of Love”, which you and 200 other moms from all over the Philippines, shared videos of their own unique ways of saying “I Love You” to their little ones. Take a look at these cute precious moments.

Whether it’s a simple gentle kiss or a warm cuddly hug, children do feel, understand and remember these special moments that are truly valuable as they grow. Indeed, we do have to take credit for this, since nobody else can creatively do these things better but us, moms.

Like and Share Johnsons Baby Signatures of Love Compilation Videos! Of course, a big thank you also to all the moms who shared their sweet, loving secrets to us.

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