Pocoyo Themed Party – Ino’s 1st Birthday

Who doesn’t adore this little young boy, dressed in blue? He is so cute when he dances around along with his friends; and because of his curiosity, they always end up having a great big adventure. 
The celebrant, Ino, is also as adorable and playful as the character, which the entire family loves. So, for his 1st birthday, it was agreed by all that it would be a Pocoyo Themed Party. 

Kids Party Hub styled the party place at Celebrity Sports Plaza to a vibrant and fun setting using Pocoyo’s colors blue, orange, apple green and yellow. 
Pocoyo Themed Birthday Party

Pocoyo Themed Party Decorations
More than 200 round and long balloons were placed high above the ceiling. The table centerpieces were Pocoyo printed cut-outs on a balloon base. The stage backdrop was a huge Pocoyo 1st birthday banner with pillar balloons and balloon borders.
Pocoyo Themed Balloon Decorations
Pocoyo Themed Party
Pocoyo Themed Birthday Party and Decorations
 This perfectly sculptured Pocoyo Birthday Cake was made by 
Katherine Gorospe of Kathy’s Kitchen Perfect Cakes
Pocoyo Birthday Cake
Pocoyo Birthday Cake
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