My Little Pony Rainbow Party – Tanya’s 6th Birthday

My niece celebrated her 6th birthday with a My Little Pony Rainbow Party at home. 
I also grew up liking My Little Pony, along side Rainbow Brite and Care Bears. It’s starting to gain popularity again with the little girls because of their fun App games and books. I like them better now with their improved character and colorful look, as you can see with all her collection, which we used as props for the dessert table. I decided to combine a rainbow theme to the table setting by using red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet curtains and tassel garlands. The desserts were all full of colors as well like purple and green cake slices, cream puffs and eclairs, meringue and cookie bites. 
My Little Pony Theme Birthday Party

My Little Pony Theme Dessert Table
My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday Party
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