Featured Party: Happy Little Monster 2nd Birthday

This Monsterrific Dessert Table is made by Helene of Mrs. Mommyholic Blog for her son, Sabre’s 2nd Birthday Bash. Again, the very creative, supermom strikes again with her Do-it-Yourself party tips and tricks.

Cute Little Monster Dessert Table

Let’s start with the party printables. You can buy them online and on Etsy, like what Mommy Helene did here. But if you are the artsy type, I agree to her tip, “Making monsters are so easy since you can create them any way you want out of basic shapes and colors.”

Cute Little Monster Themed Party

Here’s a perfect example of that. Helene just added  monster eyes and mouth by cutting white and black paper (basic circle and triangle shapes), then sticking them on the cake using barbecue sticks. She has turned a store-bought cake to a cute little monster one! Here’s another tip from Mommy Helene, “Just add eyes and mouths to anything on your dessert table like your cupcakes, containers, and cups and you’ll definitely have an instant Monster Party.”

DIY Cute Little Monster Cake
DIY Cute Little Monster Cupcakes
“I made juice monsters by adding googly eyes and mouths to regular juice containers.”
Little Monster DIY Party Ideas and Tips
“Bought these plastic containers from the grocery and filled them up with gummi bears and worms for giveaways. Of course, I had to add monster faces too!”
Little Monster DIY Party Ideas and Tips
For the backdrop, Helene used colorful strips of crepe paper and made a bunting banner from circles and letter cut-outs. This is an easy way to bring those plain walls at home to life and it won’t even cost you that much.
Little Monster DIY Party Decorations
Here are two more great ideas for a Monster Party Bash! 
Monster party hats made from cartolina with cut-outs of basic shapes for the funny faces. 
Use an old party hat to simply trace and cut-out a new one.
Little Monster DIY Party Decorations
Monster eyes and mouth as props for picture taking.
DIY Cute Little Monster Birthday Party
If you missed Helene’s Hello Kitty Valentine party for her daughter, Miley, check it out HERE. You will get lots of helpful and interesting party ideas and tips as well. 
Truly, moms can now make fab themed parties even at home 🙂 
Thank you Helene for sharing your creative party ideas to us!
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