Featured Party: Father’s Day Donuts Tea Party

A Sweet and Yummy Treat for a Dad on his Birthday and Father’s Day! 
This very thoughtful party idea was all from Daddy Ian’s lovely wife, Aileen, who also set this one as her first attempt to a simple and intimate event styling. 
“I prepared a tea party spread for my hubby, Daddy Ian” in celebration of his 29th birthday and Father’s Day. I wanted a male of neutral theme for all guests to enjoy. My delightful and color-coordinated buffet of pasta finger foods and desserts welcomed close friends with such warmth and child-like feeling.”
Father's Day Donuts and Tea Party

There were assorted flavored doughnuts, cream puffs, cookies, cake pops, muffins, meringue, macaroons and other sweets. “A perfect atmosphere for a Dad and a Hubby to feel forever young with such nostalgic treats!”
Donuts Themed Party
Donuts Tea Party Dessert Table
Donuts Party
Blue Tea Party
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