Ideas on How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

This coming Mother’s Day, celebrate and dedicate it to show our Mom how much we value and appreciate her presence and love for us. After all, she is indeed a remarkable woman who truly does a great job in taking care of the family, and for being a wonderful best friend to us at the same time. So, give her a day that she will enjoy and remember always. Here is my list of suggestions on what you can do to make this Mother’s Day a special one for her.

  1. Start the day right by making Mom’s Favorite Breakfast
  2. Surprise her with a Thoughtful Gift
  3. Make your own Greeting Card
  4. Send her an E-Card
  5. Give Mom a Hug and a Kiss
  6. Don’t Forget to Say “I Love You”
  7. Give a Bunch of Flowers and her Favorite Chocolates
  8. Make a Photo Album or Collage as a gift
  9. Catch up and Talk about Anything
  10. Send her a Heartwarming Quote or Message through SMS
  11. Make a Video and send to her
  12. Shout out How much you love Mom through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter..)
  13. Cook for Lunch including Dinner
  14. Bake Mom a Cake or make her Favorite Dessert
  15. Give Mom a Day Off and do the all the Chores
  16. Clean the house or simply your room
  17. Decorate the house or her room with flowers and crafts
  18. Pamper Mom to a Day at the Spa or Salon
  19. Throw a Party at Home
  20. Set up a Night Out for Mom and her Friends
  21. Dine out at her Favorite Restaurant
  22. Watch a Movie
  23. Go to the Mall together and give her a Shopping treat
  24. Plan a Vacation. Go out of Town or somewhere she hasn’t been yet
  25. Try Something New that the entire family will enjoy
  26. Give her something for a new Hobby, Sports or Home Project
  27. Spend the day doing together her Hobby or Sports
  28. Say ‘Yes’ to her requests and wishes for the day

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