Alagang Wilkins: Moms Know Best on TV!

Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water

In March, Wilkins launched Alagang Wilkins: Moms Know Best story contest. They received stories that best embodies a mother’s love and care for her family. There was an enormous amount of support from moms nationwide. Even I participated by sharing as well my experiences through a blog post about home safety, which you can read HERE. It’s no surprise that Wilkins is the most trusted water brand by moms.

The stories gathered serve as a reminder of how unconditional a mother’s love is. You can be inspired by these stories from this link:

More excitingly, Wilkins chose one (1) story and turned it into a TVC mini-series. Watch out for it on the Alagang Wilkins Mom microsite or on this link and see why a mother’s love is truly the best

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