Lego Ninjago Dessert and Candy Table

I had so much fun making this Lego Ninjago Candy and Dessert Station for IGI’s 7th birthday. Styling ideas and inspiration came from both Japanese and Ninja details like using black, red and yellow colors, paper lanterns, take-home boxes for the treats, and shuriken cut-outs for the boxes.
Lego Ninjago Dessert Table

Paper lanterns with hanging Ninjago Ninjas set the theme for my table backdrop.
Lego Ninjago Party Decorations
Crafted these box stands with shuriken cut-outs at the middle and paper pinwheels that look like ninja weapons.
Lego Ninjago Dessert Table
Ninjago take-home boxes with marshmallow swirls inside, cute little ninja lollipops, sushi rolls or simply colorful gummi strips, customized chocolate bars and Lego bars.
Lego Ninjago Party Favors
Lego Ninjago Dessert Table
Lego Ninjago Dessert Table
Lego Ninjago Chocolate Bars
Lego Ninjago Chocolate Sweets
Pastry dessert choices were cupcakes, cream puffs and chocolate chip brownies. 
Lego Ninjago Cupcakes
Lego Ninjago Desserts and Sweets
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