Ideas on How to Recycle Your Easter Eggs

After a fun and exciting Easter Egg Hunt, what do you do now with all those Plastic Easter Eggs? Don’t just store or keep them for next year’s hunting season. Here are some ideas on how you can make them useful throughout the year.

Recycle your Easter Eggs

1. Cute Creatures
Get crafty and creative by making cute bugs, animals or alien-like creatures with Easter Eggs. All you need are simple materials like colorful construction papers, pens, buttons, and pipe cleaners.

How to Recycle your Easter Eggs

2. Egg Maracas
Tried this one myself, and it’s so easy and fun to make. If you have a toddler around, he will definitely love this instant percussion instrument. To make them, prepare some plastic spoons, popcorn kernels or beads, masking tape, colorful markers, and of course, your Easter Eggs. Go HERE for the complete tutorial by Dana Made It.

Easter Egg Maracas

3. Educational Games

Learning can be fun with Easter Eggs! 🙂 These educational games can be a new approach in teaching your kids.
Upper case and Lower case Letter Matching Game or Match the Opposites
Easter Egg Games
Memory Game
Fun Ideas with Easter Eggs
You can also do sorting games or match the color for toddlers, spelling and rhyming words, simple addition and subtraction.

4. Water Buddies

Whether your kid is in a tub or an inflatable pool, these Easter Eggs are perfect water buddies to keep them entertained for hours. Along with a bucket and shovel, they can also be great beach toys to play with this Summer.

Games with Easter Eggs

5. Bird Seed Feeder

Use the half part of the Easter Eggs and fill them up with bird seeds. Just place them outside at the garden area for our little chirping friends 🙂

Bird Seed Feeder
6. Storage and Organizer
Keep your small treasures inside these Easter Eggs like trinkets, screws, or tiny toy parts.

Useful Egg Ideas

7. Play Kitchen 
My daughter and I play pretend cooking and baking with these Easter Eggs. You can also make Felt Egg Yolks to put inside them. Go HERE for the tutorial by Freckles Chick.

Playing with Easter Eggs

Hope you Enjoy all these Ideas! 🙂

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