How to Deal with the Diet Shift in Kids

Lately, I was becoming worried a lot about my daughter’s eating habits and preferences. She would eat only half of what I put on the plate, disgusted to eat some of the vegetables she normally eats before like carrots, prefers drinking ice tea instead of her usual fruit juices, and demands cookies and sweets before eating meals. 

I thought I would be needing immediate help from our Pedia Doctor, but then, I learned about the “Diet Shift”, a phase where kids develop a preference for other foods, mostly unhealthy ones. This desire heightens at age 4 to 7, as children start to make their own choices, and are able to voice out what they want. These foods seem to be more fun and exciting to eat because of its flavors and colors, but their health, on the other hand, becomes at risk of important nutrients for proper growth and development. 

Aqiva Food Talk Fight the Diet Shift

The AQIVA “Food Talk” and Launch held last April 4, 2013 at the Alphaland Southgate Tents, helped educate us, moms about the threat of the Diet Shift and most importantly provided us with solutions to cope with this phase. The discussions were led by celebrity mom, TV host and Aqiva’s brand ambassador Mikee Conjuangco-Jaworski, Dr. Bernadette Benitez, a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Specialist who currently serves as the Medical Director of Wyeth Nutrition Philippines, and Ms. Luz Callanta, Nutrition Expert and Lecturer.

Aqiva Fight the Diet Shift

Ms. Callanta shared to us that proper nutrition is needed, especially during the child’s growth and development years.  This is when he needs most of the vitamins and nutrients, at the right levels. Unfortunately, she said, that this is also the same time that the threat of the Diet Shift strikes, and gaps in nutrition may occur. It is very essential at this stage to supplement at-risk nutrients in the child’s diet and nutrition.

So how do we deal now with the Diet Shift? 

During the event, I learned that to teach children how to eat healthy, I must understand first why unhealthy foods appeal to them in the first place. Celebrity Chef Jackie Laudico of Bistro Filipino taught us how to prepare healthy meals that kids will enjoy. As a mom, she knows the importance of styling healthy food to make it more appealing when preparing meals for children. She showcased her techniques, and we even had a hands-on experience in preparing one of her kid-friendly dishes. 

Food Talk on How to Deal with Diet Shift in Kids
Who would have thought that Chef Jackie Laudico’s Very Berry Pops are actually made from Kamote and Berries. Her Vegan Burgers are made from soy and grains with rice pilaf served with vegetable sticks and dips. The Kiddie Canapés are made from whole wheat bread with cheese, veggies and grilled or baked fish and chicken cut and sliced in interesting shapes.
Kamote Cake Pops
We followed Chef Jackie and made our own Kiddie Canapés from the cookie cutters that were given to us during the event. 
The Diet Shift really does happen and children normally undergo this phase. What we should do is provide our kids with a balance diet or supplement, which we can get as well in other sources such as milk. This is where AQIVA comes in to help supplement nutrients, which may be at-risk or inadequate in a child’s diet. Formulated with A.Q.I. (Adequate, Quality and Important) Nutrients, AQIVA is packed with 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, scientifically designed to support the child’s nutrition as parents teach them healthy eating habits, especially during the Diet Shift phase.
Aqiva Milk
Now, I know better. Meal times should not be a struggling experience with your kids. Keep introducing foods and make meals fun, interesting and appealing for them since eating, after all, should be a pleasurable experience 🙂

For more information on AQIVA, call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (81-99384) for Metro Manila, and 1-800-10-884-2222 (toll-free) for provinces. You may also log on to

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