Featured Party: DIY Easter Breakfast 2nd Birthday

This Easter Breakfast 2nd Birthday Party was submitted by Martine de Luna-Cosio of Dainty Mom Blog. Her niece and goddaughter’s second birthday fell on an Easter day. So, what better way to celebrate it than have a unique Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt party. This celebration at home was even made more beautiful with all the handmade and DIY-inspired party details to look out for.

Some of my favorite ideas from the party are the perfectly dyed Easter Eggs, the use of pastel colored washi tapes, and the floral accents all over.

The birthday girl’s Dad and Mom made these Easter eggs for the kids’ egg hunt activity. Aren’t they  so lovely?

The washi tapes are from Paper Chic Studio. I heard they sell the cheapest washi tapes in town!
Add a thematic style to your ordinary paper bowls and cups, wooden utensils and party picks with these washi tapes.
What a way to start the most important meal of the day! Appetizing homemade food were served such as French toasts, scrambled eggs, a variety of preservative-free breakfast meats (bacon and sausage), a Mexican breakfast quiche with pico de gallo relish, cereals and milk, and an array of juices.
Easter heralds the arrival of Spring. I love that they have incorporated also in the theme some fresh flowers and used floral table cloth.
But since it’s Summer time here, making use of their huge garden as a swimming area is just excellent for the kids to play in and chill out.
The store-bought strawberry angel food cake from Conti’s, decorated with washi tape flags and a big number 2, looks all set-up and ready for the candle blowing.
Martine also shared, A beautiful celebration needn’t be expensive or flashy. With some well-picked sources, you can create a beautiful party at home for your kid. The party may look simple, but with a lot of help and love from the entire family, everything can be picture perfect!”.
Check out more of Martine’s inspiring stories and experiences as a brilliant work-at-home mom at http://daintymom.com

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