School Fieldtrip at Papemelroti

Celine’s educational trip this year was at Papemelroti where they were taught how to make handmade paper. Papemelroti is a specialty shop that carries a wide variety of gifts, novelty items and decorative accessories. They are known for their products that are handmade and produced using recycled materials. Their designs are uplifting and inspiring, bringing warmth and beauty to homes. Even I was so excited about this field trip, and I think all the Moms were too because we simply love and adore their products. More importantly, the kids learned how to appreciate the products of our environment and the importance of reusing and recycling paper and other things that can be found even at home.

Papemelroti gift items and home decors

We left school at 9:30 am and rode a big bus together will all the parents. The school gave each of them a food kit filled with goodies to munch on even when the trip from school to Papemelroti was only about 30 minutes. J
The handmade paper making workshop was conducted at the 3rd floor of the store. The instructor explained the materials and tools needed and of course, the process of making handmade paper, which the kids easily understood. As shown in the first photo, they used a blender, small tub, sponge, mold and deckle, starch or “gawgaw” and lots of old shredded newspaper. The kids helped the instructor with the process along the way by putting the newspaper in the blender with water and stirring the newspaper pulp mixture in the tub. I was also very attentive on the part were the instructor showed us how to use the mold and deckle in forming the actual paper itself. 

You can view the detailed, step-by-step guide on how to make handmade paper, the Papemelroti way, in my separate post HEREJ
All the kids got a chance to do their own handmade paper as well. Here’s Celine making her own paper with the help of Teacher Jonna. After that, each of them were given their own handmade paper making kit, which contains a mold and deckle tool. The kids can now do this activity at home and share what they have learned to others.
Papemelroti store branches Tomas MoratoNext, the kids were given a tour of the different crafting rooms, while the parents were sent at the ground floor store area. We’ve been looking forward to this opportunity the moment we arrived. J
Papemelroti craftsI love all the items of Papemelroti! My favorite in the store were these cute and colorful magnets and wall decors. From desk items, figurines, to furniture, all of them were just so lovely to have at home. It’s so impossible to resist and not buy anything from this store. Almost all bought a souvenir while I, on the other hand, bought lots of their recycled notebooks, magnets and an organizer box. J
We had lunch after at Jollibee and played lots of games with the kids and their parents. This culminating activity also served as our Mini Family Day.
Next school year, I hope Celine’s big school would still allow parents to join their kid on educational trips. I definitely wouldn’t want to miss all her fun school activities, while I still can. J

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