Rockstar Themed Candy and Dessert Table

A Rockin’ Candy and Dessert Station for LUJ’s Rockstar Birthday Party.
Check out the table’s cool and creative details 🙂
Rockstar Themed Dessert Table
More about LUJ’s Rockstar Party Highlights HERE

Black, red and silver stars, electric guitars and drum set table backdrop and Record Garland table decor.
Rock and Roll Themed Dessert Table
Rockstar Candy and Dessert Station
Cream Puff, Lemon Squares, Choco Chip Brownies and Butterscotch Pastry Desserts on Record Trays
Rocker Bar “Chocolate for the Soul” – Mini Chocolate Bars with Customized Wrapper
Rockstar Candies and Sweets
Strawberry Gummies and Cherry Gumballs
Rockstar Candies and Sweets
Super Stars – Star shaped Gummies and Gummi Strips 
Rockstar Candies and Sweets
Rolling Stones – Candy Coated Chocolate Marbles
Rockstar Candies and Sweets
Psychedelic Pops – Sugar Candy Whirly Pops
Rockstar Candies and Sweets
Check out also my post HERE on how I was able to simply transform our old records to dessert trays and my tutorial on how to make a record garland HERE
Rockstar Candy and Dessert Table
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