Rockstar Party Decoration Ideas

I came across some pretty good ideas on Pinterest where they used records as party decorations. I immediately looked for our antique cabinet and found a handful of these inside 🙂

These old records actually brought back a lot of good memories. I can’t believe we still have them all. The classical ballads, children songs, 70’s and 80’s music and my childhood favorite boy band… MENUDO! 🙂 Yes, I love Ricky Martin when he was just a teen. What’s missing now is our record player.

With these records, I was able to come up with two decor ideas for my party. Simply follow these easy steps on how to make a Record Garland Decor and Dessert Tray.

Rockstar Party Decoration Ideas

Cut circles on cartolina or colored velum paper about the size of the record label at the center. Here I used color red since the party theme requires black, red and silver colors. Then, cut some silver and red stars using embossed foil paper and glue it on cardboard paper. Aside from stars, you can also do music notes or band instruments for the record design.
Using double sided tape, affix the circles at the center of each record followed by the stars.
Record Garland for Parties
Turn the records to the other side and attached a ribbon to hold all the records together. Use a heavy duty tape to affix the ribbon.
There you have it! A Rockin’ Record Garland for your Roackstar, Rock and Roll or Retro Themed Parties.
Rockstar Party Decoration Ideas
To make the dessert trays, I simply placed my decorated records on top of these plastic canisters, which you can easily get in supermarkets.
A creative way of styling your dessert table! Use them to hold your cupcakes, pastry desserts and other sweets. Remember, when planning a party, look around your house first for items and materials that you can re-use and recycle.
Rockstar Party Decoration Ideas
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