Balloon Decoration and Party Ideas

We were suppose to go to the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga; but due to the rainy weather that particular day, we decided to cancel our trip. Thoughts of balloons stayed on my mind though that I was able to spend my whole afternoon searching mostly in Pinterest on all about balloon decorations and party ideas.

Balloons are party essentials and you just can do so many with them to stylishly make your party vibrant and colorful. Kids’ parties will not be complete without them. So, here are some of the cutest ideas I found online to give inspiration to your next party.

Balloon Decoration and Party ideas
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If I’ll be planning an outdoor balloon party, this one’s definitely gonna be the style concept where the balloons can just freely be so high above the sky 🙂

Tie a big bunch of balloons for an UP inspired dessert table.
UP themed party decors
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Lovely combination of balloons and paper pom-poms. 
View my post HERE for instructions on how to make your own Paper Pom-Poms 🙂
Balloons Ceiling Decor
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So cute Baby Shower balloon decorations.
Balloon Baby Booties, Baby Pacifiers, Baby in Hot Air Balloon and Baby Face 🙂
Baby Shower and Baptism Balloon Decors
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Who would have thought that balloons can be arranged to look like chandeliers on high ceiling venues. 

Balloon Chandeliers
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A perfect Jungle Safari balloon set-up for your cake table or cupcake tower.

Jungle Safari Balloon Decor
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I want a Mardi Gras inspired birthday party, and I’ll be having these as table centerpieces 🙂
Madri Gras Balloon Centerpiece
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Sculptured balloons require great skills. 
In Manila, the best balloon supplier I know that can do these for your parties is 10K Events. (
Sculptured Balloon Centerpiece
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Don’t pop the balloons after a party. Recycle them by making a balloon wreath. For tutorials on how to make one, check out Guyer Family Blog.
Balloon Wreath
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A great party favor idea– Stuff toys in hot air balloons.

Balloon Party Favors
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Get crafty with balloons!
Balloon Craft Ideas
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Balloon walls can be a delightful change to your party backdrop.
Balloon Wall Party Backdrop
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