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I recently stumbled upon this great blog of Helene, that got me very interested in because of her Do-It-Yourself Hello Kitty Valentines Dessert Table post of her daughter’s 3rd birthday. Helene’s blog, MrsMommyHolicnarrates her experiences as a hands-on mom, but there is more to that. I admire how she resourcefully crafts and makes everything so beautiful at home, and this entry is just one of them, which she passionately shares in her blog.

Read on and be inspired with her ideas on how to create your own dessert table and displays without hiring a stylist and going over board in budget. 
Hello kitty Dessert Table ideas

This is her first attempt to make a dessert table, but it actually looks like done by a Pro! 🙂
Let’s start with the banners, buntings and cupcake toppers.
Hello Kitty Bunting Banner

You can make your own birthday banner using recycled materials like colored papers, wrappers and ribbons. You don’t necessarily need to buy or have one printed in tarpaulin. Helene’s Hello Miley banner was made using red felt paper cut in square shaped buntings; letter cut-outs printed in white bond paper; Hello  Kitty image found online and printed on cardboard paper; and heart cut-outs made from red cartolina. Everything were just placed accordingly using a masking tape on a recycled gift wrapping ribbon. She also suggested, “If you don’t have a wall behind your buffet table, you can just place the greeting (your child’s name, “Happy Birthday”, or whatever type of celebration your having) on the table buntings.”

Hello Kitty Dessert Table

You might think that turning a cake or dessert to a lovely thematic one is quite daunting. Why all the effort when you can just order one, right? But do trust your artistic skills. Helene’s advice here on how to decorate your ordinary store-bought cake can be so simple and easy after all; If you don’t want to spend on a customized cake that will set you back a couple of thousands, just buy a regular one then add a cake bunting.

I used scraps from my red felt paper banner and cut out mini hearts. Then, I stuck them to my thread using masking tape and tied both ends to the barbeque sticks. You can even add your child’s small toys to further tie it to the theme. I placed a small Hello Kitty figurine from Miley’s toy box and viola! Our very own customized party cake!”

DIY Hello Kitty Cake

There are fondants and royal icing cupcake toppers, which again will cost you extra if you’ll have it on your cupcakes. The easiest is the paper topper, which you can just make by printing on cardboard paper like what Helene did here. Bake your own cupcakes and just place on top using a toothpick. 

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Search online for ideas and inspirations from party blogs and Pinterest. Make your own set of toppers, labels and other party printables using free images online. There are also lots of FREE Printables set in various party themes, which you can just download and print.
For containers and displays, look around your house first before buying anything and you might just find the perfect set. For instance, most of the stuffs she used were from last Christmas and past birthday parties of her kids. Mix and match and do a trial set-up. Here are some great tips from Helene on how to style it up: 
“I placed all the candies and goodies in clear glass containers I had around the house. But they needed a little something extra so I decided to jazz them up with recycled Christmas wrapping paper. It was a good thing I had a polka dots design, which worked well with my striped tablecloth. So I just cut it up into strips and stuck it around my containers using double sided tape. Another tip, stick with your color combination to make it more visually appealing.” 

“For the jars, I stuck some of the cupcake toppers, which can also be used as food labels.” 
Hello Kitty Dessert Table Ideas
“To make the lollipop display, I emptied a glass vase I had from the living room, covered it with my polka dots wrapping paper, and filled it with cut out styrofoam circles.”
Hello Kitty Dessert Table
“Make your goodies more interesting to look at, by placing them in different levels and heights. I used my kids’ old shoeboxes and wrapped them in striped gift wrapping paper.”
Hello Kitty Themed Party
Bake your own pastries and desserts or check out your neighborhood bakeshops. Search online for easy dessert recipes. For chocolates, candies and other sweet treats, buy them at supermarkets or baking stores. Remember to stick with your theme and colors.
Hello Kitty Dessert Table
There you have the basic secrets of a party stylist! 🙂
Now you can simply make your own dessert table for any type of party or celebration at home.

Check out MrsMommyHolic Blog and you’ll surely love as well Helene’s other DIY projects.

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