Do-it-Yourself Paper Fortune Cookies

Say warm wishes, quotes and messages, or even a good luck fortune through these Paper Fortune Cookies that are perfect party favors for Birthdays, Valentines Day and New Year! 

Materials and Tools:
Colored or Printed Paper cut into Circles (at least 3 inch diameter), Scissors, Glue, Paper Strips with your Messages , Wishes or Fortune
Paper Fortune Cookies for Valentines Day
1. Choose a paper that is perfect for your theme. Cut your paper into circles at least 3-inches in diameter. You can use your bowls and coasters as template. Fold your paper into half (but not entirely ), just enough to make a crease at the center.
2. Place your paper strip with messages or fortune at the center of the wrong side. Fold it into half with the crease line horizontally facing at you.
3. Hold the paper as shown in this photo. Bring the two corner ends together by push down while bending the crease at the center. Add a drop of glue just below the crease to hold the corner edges together. I also recommend using a double-sided tape, which is a much stronger adhesive, and you don’t have to wait for it to dry. 
Paper Fortune Cookies for New Year
4. Continue to bend until the paper takes shape of a fortune cookie.
Make your own Paper Fortune Cookies
Now you’re ready to serve them up to your guests! 🙂

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