Chinese Paper Lantern Decorations

These lanterns may be associated often to festivals and Chinese New Year, but they can also be a great decoration element to your party. Depending on the colors and patterns you will use, these Chinese Paper Lanterns can stand out as well from the scenery or backdrop.
Chinese Paper Lantern Decorations

Materials and Tools:
Colored or Printed Paper (8.5 x 11 inches)
Ruler, Cutter or Scissors and Tape or Glue
1. Cut a 1 inch strip from the top of your rectangular paper. You will use this later on to make the lantern handle.
2. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Cut 3/4 inch strips from the folded edge towards the open end but leaving 1 inch uncut to keep the strips connected.
3. Unfold and loop the paper around. Tape or glue the ends of the paper together.
How to Make Chinese Paper Lantern Decorations
4. Tape or glue on the handle made in step 1. 
5. To add a tassel to your lantern, cut thin strips on a 3-inch rectangular paper making sure to leave an area uncut to keep the strips intact. Roll the paper and put a hole at the uncut end area using a small hole puncher. Use a BBQ stick to keep the tassel intact. Punch a small hole at both bottom ends of the lantern and insert the tassel.
How to Make Chinese Paper Lantern Decorations
Make many of them in assorted sizes, colors and patterns. 
String them together and hang above to add a lovely decoration detail to your party.
Hope you like today’s party craft idea! 🙂