Walking Dead Themed Birthday Party

It’s only the beginning of the year, yet we are partying already in Zombie-Style!
This 12th Birthday Celebration is a Walking Dead Themed Party!
Walking Dead Party Ideas

Party decors were black, red and green balloons, spider webs, hanging bloody cloths, zombie eyes, zombie posters, and bloody hand prints. The lighting effects and smoke machine helped a lot to make the venue creepier. To complete the ambiance, haunted sounds and chants were played and guests even came in their most scary zombie-like selves.

Walking Dead Party Decorations
Walking Dead Themed Party
The big tombstone, headless zombies, and bloody candles in glasses made the buffet table a very frightful area that would make you think twice.
Zombie Themed Party
Also, the food being served were in theme for the party. They were not appetizing to look at, but definitely tasted so yummy! The caterer, Better Pan Catering, did a good job in the presentation as well.
Zombie Themed Party Food
They served Toxic Mush or Pasta in Tomato and Pesto Sauce), Chicken with Bell Pepper Fingers 
Zombie Themed Party Food
Bloody Steak and Doomed Fish 
Zombie Themed Party Food
Pork Spareribs, Brain (Potato) Salad and Finger Eclairs with Bloody Chocolate Sauce
Zombie Themed Party Food
The tables were zombie graveyards decorated with tombstone, grass, pebbles, bloody candles, toy rats and snakes.
Walking Dead Zombie Party Decoration Ideas
Walking Dead Zombie Party Decoration Ideas
The cake was zombie brains with a big knife sticking on top, while the cupcakes were red velvet with green zombie eyes.
Walking Dead Cakes and Cupcakes
No one dared to touch the gift table with a tombstone and zombie head.  
Walking Dead Party Decoration Ideas
Food and Catering
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Event Styling / Cakes and Cupcakes
#73 Visayas Ave., Proj.6, Quezon City
Phone No.: 456-8036 / 379-7328 / 482-5136 / 387-9029 / 697-4628
Mobile No.: 
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