How to Make Rainbow Jelly Dessert

My kid is in love with Rainbow things and colors. I am actually prepping myself now to make a rainbow layered cake, but I wanted to try something more simple first like this Mickey Mouse shaped Rainbow Jelly Dessert 🙂

Rainbow Jelly Dessert

I only used four basic ingredients: Unflavored Clear Gelatin (Knox), Sugar, Flavoring like Vanilla, Strawberry and Orange) and Food Coloring (ROYGBIV colors).

  • Just follow the instructions on how to prepare the gelatin and add a bit of sugar. The quantity of sugar depends on how sweet you want it to be, and remember that you will still be adding flavorings. 
  • When the gelatin and sugar is completely dissolved, place the gelatin mixture in separate small bowls. 
  • Add 1-2 drops of your flavoring and food coloring per bowl. Use less coloring for a lighter color shade.
  • Mix well and pour the gelatin in your mold.  
  • Refrigerate until gelatin is all set and firm.

Serve the jellies on plate and arrange it beautifully by rainbow colors.

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