Paper Snowflake Christmas Decoration

Watching Rise of the Guardians movie made me want to do a Paper Snowflake Project. Since we do not have snow here in the Philippines, I plan to decorate some of our window panes with these snowflakes, like Jack Frost has stopped by and left a blizzard of it. We love the movie so much by the way, and I recommend all mommies to let your kids watch it! 🙂

Here is a step by step instruction on how I made my Paper Snowflakes.

Materials and Tools:
Letter Size Plain White Paper 
(You can also use Christmas Colors such as Red, Green Gold, Silver or any color and pattern you like)

Step 1-2: Cut the paper into a square by folding a corner into a triangle and cutting off the excess rectangle. Don’t throw the excess strip since you can still use it to make smaller snowflakes.

Step 3: Fold your square piece of paper in half diagonally to make a triangle.

Step 4: Fold the triangle in half  into another smaller triangle.

Step 5-6: Fold your triangle into thirds, the pointy corner poking down below the bottom of the triangle. Do the same with the other side. Make adjustments to the fold if necessary so the side will match up.
Cut across the bottom of the paper to make it straight, leaving you with an arrow head triangle shape.
Now it’s time to get creative! 🙂 Cut variations of straight and curvy lines into the triangle. Try out different sizes and shapes.

Gently unfold the paper to see your unique snowflake design.

You can also make a snowflake garland or use them as a topper in gift wrapping your presents.
Making paper snowflake is so fun and also quite addictive! Enjoy! 🙂

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