McDonald’s Birthday Party at Blue Ridge – Leila’s 6th Birthday

My niece, Leila, celebrated her 6th birthday at the new McDonald’s Blue Ridge Katipunan with a Ronald and the Gang Theme. I love family get-together in kiddie parties because it’s so much fun! 🙂 Here are the party details in photos.

McDonalds Birthday Party at Blue Ridge Katipunan

No birthday party would be complete without a cake and balloons!
My kids’ party outfit! Celine chooses her own clothes when attending a party. Flirty and sweet in a floral skirt and peach tank top here. Oh, and she loves purple so, she really has to wear her purple headband and purple crocs shoes to make her outfit complete. On the other hand, I always dress up Joaquin in a polo shirt. He looks so grown-up here don’t you think? 🙂
McDonalds Party Outfit
Look who’s also wearing the same shirt… and Tito Ricky also joining the purple craze?! 🙂
Purple Party Outfit
With best friend cousin, Ate Tanya 🙂
McDonalds Birthday Party at Blue Ridge Katipunan
As always, Celine is so active in all the games. 
Doing the longest Happy Birthday and playing the Boat is Sinking game.McDonalds Party Games
Playing pass the object while dancing Gangnam Style.
Gangnam Style Party Games
Still too little to join and play… next year na lang, Joaquin.
Once again, Celine got scared of the mascot, while Joaquin loves Birdie so much he even kisses it.
McDonalds Birdie Mascot
Joaquin joining the photo op with Birdie and the kids.
I did not even notice that I don’t have any photo taken with the kids. But that’s okay, I enjoyed so much watching them behind camera 🙂
What’s your McDonald’s birthday party experience? 
Share them at Kids Party Hub! 🙂
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