Letter to Santa Clause

The first gift I received from Santa when I was three years old was a doctor toy set. The following year, I asked for a bike and surprisingly got one. From then on, Santa Claus was real to me. When I was six, I caught my Dad hiding a gift in our garden. I got confused but pretended that I did not know. I did not tell my parents about it, mainly because the tradition might stop… hence, no more gifts from Santa every Christmas. I was nine years old when they told me that it’s already my last year to write a letter because Santa doesn’t give to big kids anymore. Fair enough, I had seven wonderful years of Santa memories. I am so thankful to my parents for letting me believe and experience Santa. Now, I let Celine write to Santa as well, passing on the tradition to my kids.

Make this your family tradition also and leave wonderful memories of Christmas to your kids. Encourage them to write a letter to Santa Clause and make them believe in him.

Letter to Santa Clause Template

Kids, however, are more smarter these days. So, you really have to prepare to pull off some old Santa tricks. Start with letting your kids make a letter to Santa Clause. They may need your assistance to spell some words or you can ask them to draw or cut pictures of the gifts they want to receive. Put the letter in an envelope and mail it to Santa’s address. Let them write “North Pole” on the envelope.

This is Celine’s letter to Santa Clause this year. You can also download the Santa Letter template above from Birds Party Blog here.

You may also write a letter “From Santa” and have your kids receive it in the mail. They will be so surprised when they see it. Make it look authentic by using a nice stock paper and have someone else write it so they won’t recognize your handwriting. Mention your kid’s name in the letter and assure him that he is in the “nice list” so he will surely be receiving a gift for Christmas. At the back of the envelope, place a stamp and write that it indeed came from North Pole. You can also download this Letter from Santa Template here.

Letter from Santa Clause Template

Now the kids would probably ask you if its okay to leave some cookies and milk by the Christmas tree just like in the movies. Let them do so and help them prepare it 🙂

Hide Santa’s gift just minutes before midnight strikes. Lastly, leave Santa Clause tracks outside the house using dirty boot prints.

What’s your Santa experience? I would love to hear about them 🙂

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