Easy Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

I wanted to make my Christmas presents to family members and close relatives extra special by giving Handmade Christmas Cards instead of a card tag. Using basic and recycled materials, and a little online research for inspirations, I was able to make 6 easy designs.

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Materials and Tools:

Board Paper (to be used as the card)
Construction Paper (various colors)
Christmas Ribbons
Old Buttons
Gift Wrapping Paper Scraps
Glue and/or Double-Sided Tape
Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card
Pop Up Christmas Card IdeasThis is a Christmas tree card that pops out as you open it. To make the body, cut a green construction paper into rectangle strips of graduated lengths and widths. For this one,  I started with 1/4 inch width and 4 inches in length for the top part, then adding about 1/2 inches to widths and 1.5 inches to lengths to the next ones. 
Fold or pleat each strip accordion-style. Open the card and center the strip before gluing the ends. To make the tree bucket, fold another rectangle strip into four accordion folds only. Place at the center and glue both ends. Add a star on top.
Ribbon Tree Card
Ribbon Tree Christmas Card Ideas
I keep ribbons from presents that are still in good condition, since you can still reuse it to craft so many things. To make this card, cut the ribbon in rectangular strips of graduated lengths. Trim both ends to make the tree pointy. On front of the card, glue the strips at the center to form a tree. Place a ribbon string at the middle to make a trunk.

Christmas Button Card
Button Christmas Card
Old buttons can turn to great Christmas card designs. With some creativity, you can make many concepts with them such as this button Christmas balls or a wreath and snowman as seen in this photo below from What to Expect.

Photo from http://www.whattoexpect.com

Snowflakes on Card
Snowflake Christmas Card
Paper snowflakes are lovely Christmas ornaments, which you can apply also to Christmas cards.
View my post HERE about a step-by-step guide on how to Make Paper Snowflakes.
Christmas Gift Card
Christmas Gift Card
Make Christmas presents that open up on your card.  Cut small squares and rectangles using heavy stock paper, then fold them to open. Use ribbons or Christmas wrapper scraps to decorate the presents. You can also write down greetings and warm wishes inside. Glue the presents piling up on front of the card.
Recycled Christmas Wrapper Card
Recycled Christmas Wrapper Card
Reuse Christmas wrapper scraps to make cute holiday cards. Simply cut a strip from the wrapper and glue across the card. 
I hope you enjoy these Christmas card ideas!
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