Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

Sesame Street is always a great party theme for a 1st birthday or for a toddler. It can still be tons of fun for all ages as well. Here are some creative Sesame Street party ideas I found online, which you can do even at home.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

Incorporating the characters’ favorite is one thing you can do to add great details for your party. Obviously, Cookie Monster loves cookies; Elmo likes his pet goldfish, Dorothy; Oscar can’t live without trash; Count loves everything that has to do with counting; Big Bird loves playing with bubbles; and don’t forget Ernie’s dearest bath time pal, rubber duckie.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Activities
Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas
The kids will surely enjoy these activities and games–
  • Oscar the Grouch trash tossing game. The one who gets the most number of paper trash in the can wins a prize.
  • Counting with Count activity for the kids.
  • Rubber Duckie Pond game with Ernie. Place number labels at the bottom of each rubber duckie. These numbers should correspond to specific prizes. Have the kids pick one and match the number they got with the prizes.
  • Give out bubbles at the party or have a bubble machine. 
  • Enjoy Oscar’s garbage can knockdown game and tattoo parlor.
  • Abby Caddaby dressing room, salon or craft activities.
  • Elmo’s toss the ball in the fishbowl game.
Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas
Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas
Play games and reward them with points, which they can exchange for prizes at Mr. Hooper’s Store.
Sesame Street Birthday Party Food

Serve veggies and fruits as treats. Sesame Street’s lovable characters and educational messages are great inspiration as well for the kids.

Also, you can never go wrong with coloring activities. You can get Sesame Street printable coloring sheets at

Sesame Street Birthday Party Activities
For party favors, give educational toys or school items such as Activity Books, Blocks, Crayons, Stickers, Rubber Duckie, Bouncy Balls, Bubbles, Clay, Clappers, Pencils and Erasers or a Fish Bowl.
Sesame Street Birthday Party Favors
Thank you so much Annie’s Eats, Kara’s Party Ideas and HWTM for these wonderful Sesame Street Party Ideas!

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