Seriland Fantasy World Party Venue

Two years ago, we attended a party at Seriland Fantasy World in Manila Ocean Park. We never heard of that party place before. So, I thought that day would just be a usual kiddie party with the host, games and magic show. But I was surprised that so much fun and enjoyment were in stored for us.

Here is a party venue that provides attractions both kids and adults will love!

Seri Land Fantasy World Party Venue

Seriland Fantasy World in Manila Ocean Park is the first Korean developed theme park in the Philippines that offers 3-Dimensional, real-like attractions such as the Trick Art Museam, Mirror Maze and 3D Cinema Plus. It also has a 200 square meters Kids Paradise that is perfect for parties and a Bear Museum. Here is a closer look at the five attractions in Seriland.

Kids Paradise
A 200 sq.m. party and play world with jungle playpen, kiddie rides, air bounce, book cafe and toy world.

Seri Land Kids Paradise
Entrance to Kids Paradise
Seri Land Kids Paradise Toy World
Enjoy story-telling time and playing with tons of toys at the Book Cafe and Toy World 
Seri Land Jungle Playpen
The Jungle Playpen
Seri Land Party Venue
The party venue when fully decorated.

Trick Art Museum

A gallery of 3-Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists. It highlights interactive paintings that visualize 3D optical illusions when a picture is taken with it.

Seri Land Trick Art Museum
The entrance mural alone lets you try the 3D tricks of the museum.

Celine was 2 years old in these photos and did a good job posing and acting with the murals.

Seriland 3D paintings
Seriland 3D paintings
Seriland Trick Art Museum
Seriland trick Art Museum
Seriland 3D Star Wars
Their new addition in the museum are the Filipino Themed Paintings.
Seri Land Trick Art Museum
Seri Land Trick Art Museum

Mirror and Maze
This labyrinth of multi-dimensional mirror that gives up to six reflections at one time challenges your sense of space and direction. The light destruction and the hundredfold reflections make escaping to this maze difficult.

Seri Land Mirror Maze
Seri Land Mirror Maze

3D Cinema Plus
A short movie that offers multiple special effects that can be seen heard and felt in a 3D attraction. Sonic the Hedgehog stars in this 3D horror film.

Seriland 3D Cinema Plus
Seriland 3D Cinema Plus

Bear Museum and Novelty Shop 
All the huggable bears you want with a big mechanically talking bear that senses the presence of guests as it talks.

Seri Land Bear Museum


50 PAX
Php 30,900
Exceeding Pax: +P500.00 per kid and + P150.00 per adult

80 PAX
Php 40,476
Exceeding Pax: +P400.00 per kid and + P150.00 per adult

100 PAX
Php 46,020
Exceeding Pax: +P350.00 per kid and + P150.00 per adult


  • 3 Hours Venue Accommodation
  • 25 Seri Invitation Cards
  • 25 Loot Bags
  • 25 Party Balloons
  • 3 Attractions (Kids’ Paradise, 3D Cinema Plus, Trick Art Museum
  • 5 Games and Prizes
  • Identification Wrist Bands
  • Name Tags
  • Party Host
  • Seri Staffs (3)
  • Seri-Dancers Special Number
  • Mascot Appearance
  • Sound System
  • VAT inclusive
For the food, you can choose from the concessionaires in Manila Ocean Park to cater the party.

I am sure you’ll have a good time at Seriland including the other attractions of Manila Ocean Park. Remember to bring your camera for an awesome photo session with the entire family! 🙂

Manila Ocean Park, 1001 Manila
Monday – Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm

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