Lollipop Craft Ideas and Party Favors

Turn Lollipops to Playful and Exciting Party Favors! Here are some ideas to match them up with your party theme or as a craft project kids will enjoy making.
Lollipop Craft Ideas and Party Favors

The basic Materials and Tools are Construction Paper in Assorted Colors, Character Print Outs, Lollipops, Small Hole Puncher and Scissors/Cutter. But be creative and explore as well with other materials such as  felt, fabric, ribbons and glitters.
Lollipop Craft Ideas
Use character print outs of your party’s theme to to make lollipop treats for your candy station.
Spiderman Lollipop Party Favors
Disney Princess Lollipop Party Favors
Create a bouquet of Flowers and colorful Butterflies!
To make the flower, create big and small 5-petal flowers using assorted colors of construction paper. Punch a small hole in the middle then place the lollipop.
Lollipop Flower Craft Ideas
For the butterfly, make butterfly wings using assorted colors of construction paper. Cut two small lines in the middle then slip inside the lollipop stick. Decorate with colorful spots or lines. 
Lollipop Butterfly Craft Ideas
This Superhero Lollipop idea I got from Zakka Life Blog.
I used black and red construction paper to make the cape, and then cut two red strips for the masks. I drew the eyes using a black pen. You can also get a free template here from Zakka Life Blog.
Lollipop Superhero Craft Ideas

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