How to Make Fabric Knot Bunting

Fabric Buntings make lovely decorations for any occasion. They add a more unique, festive, and colorful detail to any type of party. You can even use scrappy fabrics or rags making them inexpensive to create. 
I am sharing with you a tutorial guide on How to Make Fabric Knot Bunting. The steps are so easy there is actually no sewing or gluing required.

Materials and Tools:
Fabrics in Assorted Colors and Design depending on your Theme
Cotton Rope
Fabric Chalk and Ruler

Cut the fabric into 1 x 12-inch strips. You may use a fabric chalk and ruler to mark a guide.The number of strips per type of fabric depends on how long you want the bunting to be and your design pattern.

Place the rope on a flat surface. Fold one fabric strip in half and then place under the rope as shown in the photo above. Pull the two ends through the loop to make a knot. Pull tighter if it’s too loose. To make it easy to tie or hang the bunting, leave about 6 inches from the end of the rope without fabric.

Do this process with all the fabric strips according to your desired pattern. Push the strips together as you go.

Hang them on walls of the party venue, doorways, windows and shelves of your home, or above the dessert table area. There are so many ways you can use them. Since it is also a very kid-friendly crafting project, teach your children and have a fun time making it with them.    
Hope you all Enjoy!
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