How to Make Chocolate Spoons Party Treats

I want to start the week with a Do-it-Yourself project that can be a party favor or a perfect everyday reward for yourself and the kids.

These Chocolate Spoon Treats is so easy and affordable to make. It’s also wonderful to have them always ready and available at home to satisfy that chocolate craving whenever you have them in a cute and unique way.

How to Make Chocolate Spoons

What You Need:
Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Chips, which you can find in Baking Supply Stores or Supermarkets
Colorful Plastic Spoons
Toppings of Choice
Flavoring (Optional)
What you need to Make Chocolate Spoons

How to Make:
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over low heat boiling water. Stir it continuously until there are no lumps. You can also use a microwave by melting the chocolate in 10 second increments,stirring in between and turning the bowl each time. Make sure also that you use a bowl that’s microwave-safe.

Chocolate Spoon Melted Chocolate

Once the chocolate is completely melted, pour the chocolate in each colored plastic spoon (as shown in photo) or dip the entire top portion of the spoon (excluding handle) in the bowl. Place the spoons on a sheet of wax paper, specially if you covered the entire spoon with chocolate. You can also add flavorings in the chocolate such as orange, strawberry and coffee.

How to Make Chocolate Spoons

Now it’s time to add the toppings! You can now let your kids help you decorate the spoons. Here, I used candy sprinkles, royal icing flowers, and chocolate nips. Some of my other favorites are mini marshmallows, crushed candies, chocolate chips, and mini Reese’s pieces. Set it aside until the chocolate hardens.

How to Decorate Chocolate Spoons

Serve them, store in a jar, or wrap them up for your party! You can also have these yummy spoons to stir your hot chocolate or coffee with.

Chocolate Spoons
Chocolate Spoon Party Favors

I hope you enjoy these chocolate spoon treats and have fun making them as well.

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If you want to have these treats for your party, contact Kids Party Hub and we’ll be happy to customize them for you as a party activity station or party favor! 🙂

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