Do-it-Youself “Priceless” Christmas Decorations

Spend Less Holidays 2012
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One of the things we prepare and exert effort into when the Holiday Season starts is decorating our home to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. It has definitely become a tradition to many like putting stockings on the chimney, hanging a mistletoe over the doorway, and to us, Filipinos, we adorn our homes with star-shaped lanterns or “Parol” and Nativity or “Belen”. 
Here are some simple do-it-yourself ideas on how to make Christmas decorations that are also meaningful and “priceless” by using Old Photos and Christmas Cards.

Materials and Tools:
Christmas Tree
Old Family Christmas Photos
Christmas Ornaments (i.e. Old Christmas Balls) 
Twine or String
Small-Hole Puncher
Make your tree more memorable by looking for old family reunion photos or the kids’ first Christmas. Punch a small hole on your photos and make a string loop knot for each. Hang the photos on the tree and place additional decors as desired.
Materials and Tools:
Old Christmas Cards
Old/Recycled Christmas Ribbons
Christmas Ornaments (use your old decors)
Glue Gun or Double Sided Tape
Christmas cards given by family and friends or old unused cards with warm messages are perfect for wall displays. Cut the ribbon according to your desired length. Using a glue gun or double-sided tape, affix the Christmas cards on the ribbon at equal spaces apart. You can also do this horizontally. When the glue is completely dry, you may now hang the garland on the wall but make sure to decorate also both ends with other Christmas ornaments. 
Enjoy reminiscing past Christmas celebrations with family and friends as you make these projects. Your guests will definitely be entertained looking at the family photos or reading the heartfelt messages on the Christmas cards. 
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