24 Days Countdown to Christmas: Teaching the Value of Giving

I’m done making my Advent Calendar! This is the first time I made one for Celine and I plan to celebrate the next 24 days with small gifts and activity surprises for her.  

I used small coin envelopes to make my calendar. This is where I will put my gifts and notes. I decorated it with prints from old Christmas wrappers and wrote the numbers 1-24 on each envelope.

Our blank wall in the living area is the perfect spot to display the calendar. I used fabric and ribbons to add color to the plain wall before sticking the envelopes in order.
Candies, chocolates, erasers, stickers, lip gloss, pencil, beads, and charms are some of the gifts lined up to be placed inside each envelope. I will also be including notes such as “Milk Tea Day”, “Help Mom Bake Cookies”, “Attend Simbang Gabi”, “Jollibee Day”, “Donate old Toys and Clothes”, “Give food to Street Kids”, “Cook Pancit for Lolo’s Birthday” and “Do a Good Deed”.

My plan is to really teach Celine the value of giving to others at Christmas through this Advent Calendar, and make her understand and appreciate that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts.

24 Days Countdown to Christmas starts tomorrow! 🙂
Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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