Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Tips

Don’t have a Halloween costume yet for the kids? Search over the closets or dig into your kids’ stuffs. You might just find these outfits and accessories. Explore your creativity, be resourceful and go for practicality.

Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Construction Worker: Bright orange t-shirt and spell “Men at Work” on the front, hard hat, washable tattoos,  toy tool belt worn over jeans, and a toolbox, which is also good for collecting treats.
2. Zookeeper: Khaki shorts and white polo shirt, plain cap decorated with the word “Zoo”, and stuffed animals. 
3. Magician: Black cape with glued on playing cards, black pants, plain white shirt decorated with black buttons and a bow, black top hat, stuffed bunny, and magic wand. You may add bright colored hankies tied together as another prop.
Halloween Costume Tips
4. Mad Scientist: White coat with pockets, loosely knotted neck-tie, small plastic vials with colored water, oversize black glasses, yellow gloves, and a toy rat
5. Rock Star: Black skirt or pants, black boots, sunglasses, scarves, belts, t-shirt decorated with sticker gems and letters, and a microphone
6. Doctor: White long sleeves, white t-shirt decorated with a cross using a red electrical tape, black pants, small canvas bag filled with first aid supplies, and a stethoscope.
DIY Halloween Costume
7. Artist: Colorful button-down shirt, leggings, tights, scarves, tuck a variety of paint brushes into pockets or an empty paint bucket.
8. Basketball Player: Basketball jerseys, long tube socks, headband, wristband, and a ball.  
9. Chef: Patterned pajama pants, t-shirt, apron, toque, kitchen tools, bowl for the treats and toy vegetables.
10. Beauty Queen: An old gown, ribbon sash, long white gloves, tiara, play jewelry, and a bouquet of flowers but optional.

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