Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

Turn your home into the spookiest place. Here are some simple and easy do-it-yourself projects I got mostly from www.marthastewart.com, my fave online resource for crafting ideas.  

Pumpkin Balloons and Oranges

To create these, jack-o-lantern balloons, all you need are orange helium inflated balloons. Using a black marker, draw an assortment of geometric shapes for the faces.

Also, instead of pumpkins, why not use oranges. 

Paper Mice
Stick these creepy crawlers on stairs, baseboards or any spot to give passersby a little jump.

Tools and Materials
Black construction paper, Pencil, Scissors or cutter, Masking tape, Mice Templates

Print the mice templatesTrace the shapes onto black construction paper, and cut out. Mount on desired areas with masking tape.

Deranged Halloween Centerpiece
Critters crawling over your flower centerpiece can be disturbing.

Use your existing flower centerpieces at home and place plastic toy critters such as spiders, centipedes, snakes etc., which you can get in toy stores.


Glowing Ghost

To make these unfriendly ghosts, snap one or two glow sticks (yellow or green) and insert them into a white balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie. Use a black marker to draw ghoulish faces.

Creepy Candles

How to do candles dripping with “blood”? Just light a red candle and tip it over the white candles so the wax drips down the top and the side.

Candy Jar Treats

Encourage guests to have some candies and treats in shades of orange, white, purple, or black… gumballs, pretzels, gummies etc. Print labels and affix to a variety of glass containers.

Halloween Lanterns

Decorate an area of your home with orange and black paper lanterns preferably in different sizes. Hang them together in various lengths using nylon string.

Freshly Squeezed Blood

To make freshly squeezed blood, you need 2 teaspoons corn syrup mixed with 3 teaspoons water and several drops of red food coloring. Use it creatively.

Graveyard Place Cards

Tools and Materials

Plain paper bags, scissors, grey or brown card paper, and candies

Cut the top of the bag, about 2 1/4 inches from the bottom. Decorate the edge of the bag. Print HERE LIES… and the names of your guests on grey or brown card paper. Cut the paper into gravestone shapes. Unfold the bags, fill with your choice of candies, and insert the gravestones.

Add an extra touch to your decors with these Free Halloween Printables online.