Cupcake Themed Birthday Party – Robyn’s 1st Birthday

Robyn’s Cupcake Themed 1st Birthday Party is indeed sweet and adorable as she is. I simply love how the party details were consistent with the theme. I am sure Dad Robbie and Mom Chami enjoyed planning their Little Cupcake’s party. The event was not only beautiful but also well-organized by the couple.

Chami said, “We started planning Robyn’s party when she was just 7 months. Both of us were very involved and committed in the party preparation. Why cupcake theme? Aside from Robbie and I wanting a unique party concept, celebrating with cupcakes is like a tradition to us. It started when Robyn was 1 month old, we marked this milestone with one cupcake. Then we had two when she was 2 months. We did this every monthly birthday of Robyn until she was 11 months. So, throwing a Cupcake Theme birthday bash to celebrate the Big One Year would be the perfect choice.”

The Big One Year pink and purple cupcakes made by SweeTEN 

Robyn’s eleven cupcakes when she was 11 months.
Robbie and Chami’s Little Cupcake, Robyn. She is so cute in her cupcake costume!
It was bought at Toy R Us in the States and sent over by Robyn’s Tita Faye.

Invitations, thank you tags and name tags made by Fun Prints Factory
Cupcake Party Backdrop by Showcase Display Concepts
Cupcake mylar balloons, centerpiece, party hats, loot bags, pinata, and tableware like plates, napkins, cups and table covers from
The balloon decor and arrangement were made by Bursting Happiness Party Essentials 
All game prizes and loot items from Divi Mall.
Party souvenir, Total Pillow, bought in Divisoria-168 Mall
The host was indeed the life of the party. Jen Belen can do so many things in one act. She is a Balloonist, Puppeteer, Ventriloquist, Kiddie Magician, and also a Pantomime Artist. It was an all-out performance with a song and dance number at Robyn’s party.
Jen has about 90 costumes appropriate for any party theme. Mommy Chami chose Minnie Mouse because Robyn loves this character. 
Robbie and Chami also selected a very nice venue conveniently located in Taguig. The party was held at the Clubhouse of Rosewood Pointe in Acacia Estates. As you can see, this residential condominium community and its amenities are very inviting. Special thanks to their friend Uly Gamad and his family for helping them booked this venue for Robyn’s party.
Thank you Robbie, Chami and Robyn! We all had a blast at the Party.

Vendor Credits:

Invitation, Thank you tags and Name tags
Fun Prints Factory
Elise Candelaria-Ronquillo (0920)9690725
Cupcake Wall Backdrop
Showcase Display Concepts
Agnes Madriaga-Solis (0917)8282467
Balloon Decor and Arrangement
Bursting Happiness Party Essentials
Rachel Roque – (0917)495 9736
Cake and Cupcakes
Kat Salazar- (0922)8787462
Themed balloons, loot bags, party hats, pinata and tableware

iClique Photo by Perfect Moments
Gerry – (0917)5233324
Child Lounge Photography
Jesseron – (0999)3155992 / (0928)3524191 / (+632) 2932896
Party Host
Jen Belen Party and Events Host
Jen Belen (0917)528 5318
Queensland Catering and Events
Michelle Galdiano – (+632)8207223 / (+632) 8267791

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