Cowgirl Themed Birthday Party – Deanna’s 1st Birthday

In Canada, this pretty little girl had two celebrations for her 1st birthday. Deanna’s Cowgirl themed birthday parties were all made and set by first time Mom Gerlie, a good friend of mine way back from our first job in Asiatic.
The first party celebration was in the family’s ranch in Piapot Town, Saskatchewan. The second was held in Regina City, Saskatchewan, where Deanna, Gerlie and Jamie, her husband resides.

Cowgirl theme 1st birthday party

Girl 1st birthday party
The number signage was such a great party idea by Mom.

Gerlie said, “At first, I just wanted a number 1 prop so I can photograph Deanna showing that she is 1 year old. I asked a carpenter friend of mine to cut me the number. To my surprise, he did “2011”, “2012” and also numbers zero through nine! Now, I’m good to take Deanna’s birthday pictures with her age number every year until she says, ‘not anymore.’”  

The big event was the celebration at the ranch where many of the family’s relatives and friends came. The party was complete with games and activities such as the Pony Piñata and Pin the Tail on the Pony. There was also a mini playground and a country-style jail signage photo booth. Kids had a chance to ride Copper, Deanna’s miniature horse. Mom gave away bandanas and country hats for photo booth props as well.

Cowgirl Theme 1st Birthday Party
Deanna and Lola
Pony Pinata
Pin the Tail on the Pony
Deanna's Pony Copper
Mini Playground Party
Country Jail Photo Booth
I asked Gerlie why a Cowgirl Theme? 
“My in-laws own a ranch, so everything was ready for me. They bought a miniature horse for Deanna; his name is Copper. When Deanna was 9 months old, her grandparents presented Copper and they topped it off by giving her a complete cowgirl outfit. I thought the ranch was a perfect venue. She’s grandpa’s little cowgirl, so it was meant to be a cowgirl party.”

Deanna's Pony Cooper
Deanna at 9 months with Cooper
Pony Cake Cowgirl Party
Deanna and Grandma Brost

Cake blowing for Deanna!

The pony cake and cupcakes were made by Mom and Grandma Brost. It’s so cute that they put mini fries (picnic) to look like haystack in front of the horses. Aside from these, they also served western country-style food like Stampede Pork Ribs to spice up the theme and of course, some home-cooked Filipino food like Pancit, Fried Rice and Lumpiang Shanghai. 

Since Jamie and Gerlie also wanted to celebrate Deanna’s 1st birthday with their friends from the city, they threw another party in Regina.

This time Mom had all babies born in 2011 featured in Deanna’s special day. The idea was to get group photos of cute babies and to also give guest moms and babies a portrait photos for keepsake.

2011 Babies
Deanna’s friends all born also in 2011. They look so adorable!
Birthday Photo Studio
Here is the birthday studio set-up made by Gerlie in their home. Also a nice job on this, Mom!
Birthday Photo Studio

“My inspiration for these parties came from professional portraits that I’ve seen online. They are so adorable and I always wanted Deanna to have these kinds of photos too. I know how expensive it is to get professional photographer sessions so we bought ourselves a good DSLR camera. This way I can just do them myself.”

Pony Cakes and Cupcakes

These lovely pony and pink cowgirl hat cupcakes were baked and decorated by Mom, herself. The small round cake was made intentionally for Deanna to ruin and play with for a nice photo shoot.

Pony Cakes and Cupcakes

 Another round of cake blowing for Deanna!

Cake Smash

Indeed a perfect 1st birthday celebration for Deanna with loving family, relatives and friends.
Gerlie, Deanna and Jaime Brost
Thanks Gerlie for sharing this lovely occasion with us.

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